The Legacy Utility Model is an Artifact of a World that no Longer Exists.

The Legacy Utility Model is an Artifact of a World that no Longer Exists.

The energy sector’s biggest opportunities and most urgent environmental challenges require something very different.

The threat of 2ºC rise in global temperatures (or worse) is real and will result in a fundamental shift in market structures and financing strategies.

We see a different future, where customers get the energy they need, when and where they need it, sustainably sourced and fairly priced.

Old energy models that try to increase your energy use so utilities can make more money are on their way out.

Gone are the days when companies take their customers for granted.

If your business is not making the environment better, it’s making it worse.

Soon, the most profitable businesses will also be the most sustainable.

Achieving that future state requires the establishment of new distribution models. We see this as the next line of evolution in the renewable power transition.

The future of energy can be plainly seen in the many large consumer segments already turned upside down by technology.

These changes will similarly upend the energy sector. The tools and technologies required to make this shift are available, proven and affordable.

No new technology is needed. No new regulation is required.

In the next ten years, we believe some of the most valuable new brands on the planet will be built in the energy industry.

This is where we come in.

We are bringing together talent, technology and capital at scale to power the inevitable transformation of the old utility model.

Our aim is to inspire, finance and build the next generation of energy providers.

A reckoning is coming to the energy industry. What’s required now is leadership that pulls the pieces together.

Huck Capital is established as one catalyst to move things forward.

Join us. It’s time.