Chris Black


Chris Black has founded and/or grown numerous technology companies over the past 25 years.

At Huck, Chris is an Operating Partner and Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for sourcing technology partners, enabling technology targets, conducting technical and operational diligence on the deal teams, and enhancing portfolio company value through the application of technology and operational best practices to deliver outsized returns.

Most recently, Chris was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Tendril, a distinguished energy management company providing solutions to over 100 of the largest regulated utilities in North America. The Tendril solutions allow energy companies to change their relationship with their consumers, create energy efficiency improvements, and actively manage energy in the consumers’ homes as a way of balancing individual comfort with grid stability.

Over the 8 years that Chris was COO at Tendril, he led the transformation of the enterprise from a struggling hardware technology company to a successful software-as-a-service company known for its innovation and solutions that empower and inform consumers.

During his last year at Tendril, Chris led the sourcing and acquisition of five complementary energy software companies. Chris also led the rebranding effort to recognize the broader company that was created from the combination of the six companies. The company was relaunched as Uplight.

For three years, Tendril and Steve McBee worked together in a joint venture focused on bringing to market a new retail energy company seeking to leverage technology to unlock the embedded customer value the parties believed to be trapped inside traditional retail energy providers. During this time, Chris served as the executive sponsor and commercial partner to the joint venture. In June 2019, Chris joined Huck full as an Operating Partner and CTO of the Firm.

Chris is passionate about technology, team culture, and sustainability and how these three elements can work together to accomplish something grand. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Chris chose to join Huck Capital to be a part of a like-minded team to help accelerate the scale of positive impact that can be affected through the application of the Huck thesis and by doing so, leave a better world to his daughter.

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